City Interiors is by far the best Interiors Designer company in town! The designers/owners Tushar and Neha are both excellent in their work and extremely professional. Unlike the other interior designers that we have come across, they don't force their sense of style on their clients but rather they understand what the client's tastes and needs are and propose the most suitable designs on the basis of that. They have an extraordinary ability to perfectly gauge the client's personal style which gives them an edge over other interior designers. We entrusted them with the end-to-end design and development of the interiors of our new apartment. We were amazed by the end result - by their flawless work and how well they understood and executed what we had envisioned. The finished product was in fact better than what we had ever dreamed of and yet was perfectly suited to the style that we were looking for. We couldn't be happier with our interiors! One of the best aspects of working with Tushar and Neha is the warm personal relationship that they nurture with the client and the personal attention that they provide. They made us feel completely at ease and right from the beginning we knew that we were in good hands. To top it all, we were pleasantly surprised to note that in spite of being undoubtedly the most ideal interior designers, they were very fairly priced. Therefore, going by our wonderful experience with them, I recommend City Interiors to any one who has interior designing requirements. The bottom line is that if you want the interiors of your dreams accomplished with the highest level of material and craftsmanship at the most reasonable pricing with absolutely zero hassles, City Interiors is definitely and unequivocally the ONLY company to go to!

Mr. Samyajit Das

20 April 2017

Converting house into home with interior decor and comfort is mix of art and passion of belongingness. Tushar and Neha has that perfect combination to deliver you with delight It's engaging every member of family and exploring the needs that may not be even manifested and that's their great trait The experience that you get throughout the project and thereafter is heart throbbing Very important is the positivity with which you start your journey of dream home and keep on relishing it every moment of your life

Harsh Bhatia

12 April 2017

One of the best interior designer in Navi Mumbai. Gr8 designes and on time execution with perfection.

Mr.Sunil Lanjewar

10 April 2017

It was great working with CITY INTERIORS who made our newly purchased flat, A DREAM HOME. I feel they are the best and honest in Job perfection, Timelines, Cost effective and Client satisfaction. I highly recommend CITY INTERIORS to every one.

Mr.Raj Pradhan

22 October 2016

It was really great experience and journey with tushar and neha. Anyway both are just like a family. By far I can say this is tushars one of the best project till date he has put his heart in it . All things can not be bought by money like respect but he is earning respect after project completion which is really a great thing for anyone. Sincerity hardwork all are synonyms of his work. Quality work by quality team. Thanks once again to tushar ,neha and team

Mr.Sandeep Parekh

19 August 2016

We have given City Interiors complete home project. Our home completed in specific timeline and as per our expectation. We hardly visited to see work in progress and it was surprising to see quality and speed of work. I think that the best experience one can get from Tushar, he taken care of each and every small details as per our expectation. I like to appreciate his patience with work during whole project. I got Tushar from internet without any ref, he was stranger to me and now he is very good Friend, this is the best part of deal. Thanks to Neha and Tushar.

Mr.Manish Painter

28 June 2016

Tushar and Neha are the best interior designers that we could have hoped for. They are not the run-of-the-mill interior designers who impose their ideas on you - City Interiors gauges the customers requirements and sense of style and model the apartment around it. The most wonderful characteristic of Tushar and Neha is the personal attention that they give to the project and beautiful relationship that they tend to develop along with their customers; so much so that we dont remain customers but become their friends. I would highly and strongly recommend them for interior designing needs. The way they designed and built the interiors of our house, everyone who comes to our house marvels at the way the interiors are done. The bottom line is that with these guys you just cant go wrong!

Mrs.Srila Das

18 June 2016

It was really a beautiful project done by Tushar sir and Neha mam. I personally learned more from this project and they really gave our sweet home a executive touch. I personally became fan of Tushar sir by observing his dedication towards his work.

Viraj Nimbalkar

28 January 2016

Really outstanding work done by Tushar & Neha.. Both had put best efforts to make our dream home come true.. Thanks a lot for your support & dedication to ur commitment.

Mr.Sunil Lanjewar

5 January 2016

My lovely new house!!!! And d credits goes to Tushar n lovely Neha... Thank you both!!! Wonderful experience !!!

Mrs.Shubhangi Sunil Lanjewar

5 January 2016

Excellent beautification of my home...with quality materials. Thanks Neha and Tushar...

Mrs. Vaishali Parag

14 December 2015

Awesome work by Tushar and Neha! Great execution of ideas.. And thanks a lot for making our house so beautiful! Will definitely recommend City Interiors to people who want to see their dream house come to reality.

Mayuri Athavale

8 December 2015

Great job done by Tushar and Neha WITH wonderful setup of homeopathic clinic.

Dr.Sumati Upadhyay

29 November 2015

Quality work, on time delivery with an excellent service

Mrs.Darshana Chippani

4th April 2015

Modern finishing and timely project delivery describes this team of go-getters. Cost effective and personalized suggestions that make homes look and feel their best. Thumbs up!!!!!!!

Mrs.Neha Ambasta

14 February 2015

Your designs and work is amazing .Keep Going !! All the Best

Abhishek Ambasta

14 October 2014

Mrs.Neha Andhare has really beautiful taste, through creative space planning and warm tones, her design transformed my plain house into a cozy home that I just love. Thank you and your wonderful team again for everything!

Manish Shukla

December 2013

Fabulous, just no other word for this business. Extremely professional and courteous and found exactly what I needed to complete my project within my budget!

Aryan Shukla

25 March 2014

In time delivery, superb interior, value for money. Excellent.

Sunil Bhatia

3 October 2014

Neha & Tushar, .....U people really did a wonderful Job , every one has liked it & were full of appreciation for you both....thanx dear .God bless you both.

Arti Bhatia

29 September 2014