Visually arresting designs that not only surprise, but also deliver value

Create your ideal home When you're spending money on creating a new look for your home, getting some expert advice can be a really good idea. Our interior designers can help you get your home looking exactly the way you've always wanted, simply and affordably. We will bring you the latest and very best in interior design at competitive prices, to suit your own individual style and taste.

Contemporary or traditional, we’re versatile in our offerings.

Residential Interior Design

Residential Interior design is all about making the residents feel comfortable. From creating spaces that provide luxury to others that make people feel calm and at ease, City Interiors has created precise and definitive designs for villas, bungalows and apartments. And as always it always matches the client’s tastes, descriptions and requirements.

One room or the whole house, City Interiors is best at creating designs for all You may looking to spruce up your living room or want a tastefully designed kitchen or want kids room that captures their imagination and leaves them with wonder, City Interiors is your answer to everything in interior design. From living room décor to bathroom design; from indoor and outdoor design to bedroom design; from gym design to staircase design, City Interiors provides exquisite décor solutions that make the audience say ‘Wow’ every time they see it. Good interior design has proven to improve mood and environment of a living space.

City Interiors fully understands this and takes measured, tested and proven steps to deliver all those values. With the history of creating versatile and powerful designs, City Interiors has created brilliant solutions in apartment Interior Design, Villa Interior Design as well as Bungalow Interior Design in Mumbai and all over India.

From traditional, modern to contemporary design, City Interiors has created aesthetic and sensible designs from the first day on the job. And with so many projects under our belt, we can now provide you with multiple examples about how we have executed residential interior designs exactly according to how the client envisioned.


Fabulous, just no other word for this business. Extremely professional and courteous and found exactly what I needed to complete my project within my budget!

Mr. Aryan Shukla

Most of the good looking offices have cluttered functionality. City Interiors takes extra effort in making sure whatever is amazing to see is also functional to use. Office is space where one takes decisions and needs that motivation to do their work better. With this objective and goal in kind, City Interiors has created some of the most powerful and productive interior designs that has made our clients jump with joy.

Commercial Interior Design From swanky offices to emotion evoking board rooms, City interiors has been constantly innovating office spaces to impress clients across Mumbai and India. Offering world-class services designed by professionals who have years of experience, City Interiors gives you the best when it comes to creating commercial design spaces. Understand what the client wants to portray with the design, City Interiors spends several hours researching about what works best for its clients. Then we present detailed options that the client can go ahead with or tweak necessarily till their vision is realized. City Interiors understands the importance of quality design as it sets a tone for life. This is the reason we has designers who are well-versed in technical expertise and know which design can work for its clients and which ones won’t.

Mrs.Neha Andhare has really beautiful taste, through creative space planning and warm tones, her design transformed my plain house into a cozy home that I just love. Thank you and your wonderful team again for everything!

Mr.Manish Shukla

Amazing designs that are also functional at their core. Making sure the aesthetics match the environment, City Interiors has created commercial interior designs for shopping malls, museums, stores, warehouses, offices and libraries and many more. Understanding the likes of the client, City Interiors has always set practical and achievable objectives and worked hard to exceed them for all our clients.


"It is with great pleasure that I recommend City Furnitures owned by Tushar Andhare & Neha Andhare. They have always displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility, ambition, and creativity. They are both wonderful to work with., with the ability to adapt to their clients needs is remarkable as is their ability to work within budgetary constraints. They are perfect joy to work with and we would welcome the opportunity to work with them in the future." Fabulous, just no other word for this business. Extremely professional and courteous and found exactly what I needed within my budget! It was a pleasure working with you.

Neha Priya